Sunday, November 18, 2007

I went away this past weekend to Beacon, New York, where I met some friends from graduate school and checked out the Dia Center. It was a really fun trip, with lots of art and some nice scenery to drive through. Since I knew I was not going to get back to Syracuse till later, I figured it would be interesting to do a session with the square all lit up. To my surprise, there was only a small patch of trees with lights and not a whole lot more. I guess they are going to wait till after Thanksgiving to light the big tree.

This Sunday night was also the big game on NBC, with the Buffalo Bills hosting the New England Patriots. The game turned out to be a blowout, but I still have a lot of hope left for the Bills this season. What bothered me the most about the game; was that the announcers would not talk about anything else but Tom Brady and Randy Moss. The only Buffalo Bill they mentioned was their injured tight end who is receiving rehab for a spinal cord injury. With the way the Patriots are playing, I am interested to see what will happen first; someone will read this blog and come to visit me, or the Patriots will lose a game?

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